Welcome! First of all, let me thank you for sharing in this small shop of mine! It’s a true passion and joy for me, and I’m incredibly grateful for your support.

I’m Jess the founder and creator behind Grit + Grace Co. I’m a Canadian farming wife living on the prairies of Manitoba with my husband and 3 kiddos.

Sewing has always been an interest of mine. My mom took us girls to our first sewing class after school when I was in grade 5, and we made placemats for the kitchen table. Bless her heart, mom even used them everyday for years.

A few years ago I was on the hunt for a cute headband to go with my daily workouts and couldn’t find one that checked all the boxes for me. I was looking for a headband that was stylish, comfortable, versatile and didn’t give me a headache. That's seriously the worst, right?

That led me to creating my own and starting an Etsy shop called Mama A’s Handmade and from there, I partnered with a brand and their online boutique sharing with their clientele these headbands. And now I’ve come full circle getting back to what I truly love which is connecting with my customers and creating a product that serves you!

One of the many blessings of reopening my own shop has been expanding my team of seamstresses and linking arms with these incredibly talented women that pour as much heart and love into these products as I do.

When I’m not in the studio playing with fabrics you will find me chasing my children, chickens or cows out of the garden (quite possibly all three at once), or curled up on the back deck with an iced coffee.

Fun fact about me: I don’t enjoy regular hot coffee but I’ll drink iced coffees all year long.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by Grit + Grace Co. Having you here means the world to me.

xo Jess




This is my sister Jaxx, she is running the studio in Winnipeg and does most of the Instagram content that you see. She is a farming wife as well, and has 4 kiddos of her own. Jaxx and her hubby live on a dairy farm in the RM of West St Paul just of the North the city.

You may see a sneak peak into her farming life, as well as all the things that go on in our Winnipeg studio! So don't be surprised if you see a chicken or a big puppy or even a milk cow photo bombing from time to time!